Is there a hidden secret to building a highly successful website that your business can benefit from?

What’s the one difference that will make your website a success? Is it money? Is it the person or team you choose to build your website? Is it the idea? Is it the way you work together? Is it the technology you choose to run your website? Is it getting it outsourced to India? Is it the speed you get your website to market? Is it the logo and branding that will make your website a success? No.

Two short stories

While driving on the highway from the outlet mall you see lights flashing on your dashboard and you pull over. Smoke and unbearable noises are coming from the hood so you call your mechanic. Good thing it’s a Monday because he’s at the shop. He picks you up and tows your car to his shop and takes you to work. Since you trust your mechanic you go about your day. He calls you telling you it will cost $500 to fix belts and a catalytic converter. You agree and by the end of the day it’s fixed. You pay him $500 and you’re back to driving, all is well. The End.

The second story

While browsing the web you see your competitions website, it’s been updated and looks beautiful, you panic and know you have to update your website now! You search Google for local web designers and find some candidates. You call around but no one answers your calls, so you send emails waiting to hear back. Finally you hear back 2 days later and the web designer asks what you need. Since you’ve been looking at your competitions website for some time you have decided to break up the web design process into pieces. You find someone to design the new logo, you find a designer to re-design your website and finally a programmer to put it all together.

A month has past and the logo still isn’t where you’d hoped it would be, the web design is delayed and the programmer hasn’t been used and has moved on to another project. Now instead of just working you’re managing the development of your website in your free time. You think to yourself why can’t building a website be as easy as getting my car fixed? The End.

Did you find the hidden secret?

If you didn’t it’s this “why can’t building a website be as easy as getting my car fixed? “. Getting your car fixed was easy in the first story, while in the second you had to get under the hood yourself and start calling the shots. Calling the shots isn’t what you want to do when you get your website built, you want to feel taken care of, you want to see deposits to your businesses checking account from the sales generated from your website. You want to hear your phone ring and have the client say I need your product or service and I found you on your website. You want to visit your website on your mobile phone and see that it looks beautiful and read an article that positioned your company in a way that makes you proud.

Welcome to Archaxis

You’ll find that working with Archaxis A.K.A Virgil Lee Shelton is as pain free as sending your car to your trusted mechanic, I do all the work for your website while you do what you’ve been doing.

Call me, I’m Virgil and I’m here to serve you and build your business a highly successful website, hands off! 1-575-323-1992 Archaxis, Hands off web design & web development.